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Your child's safety and secuirty are of up most importance to us. At ABC Childcare & Learning Center, a health and safety program second to none in the childcare industry protects all children. Our center had an electronic access entry system to enforce the children's secuirty. The center also has a fenced in playground that children will play safely. Parent's and guardian's delivery and pick up of children are closely monitored. ABC Childcare & Learning Center follows an open door policy. parents are always encouraged to come into the center and spend sometime with their child or children.

Our Philosophy:

ABC Childcare & Learning Center's educational philosophy is based on strong traditional values and a proven traditional curriculum that recognizes the importance of each individual child's interests and talents.

Our proven curriculum encompasses early childhood development methods that encourage a love of learning, positive self esteem, and character development in a fun and creative environment. ABC Childcare & Learning Center understands that children need the same consistent, loving guidance at day care that they receive from you at home. We are committed to a partnership with you to provide the very best educational childcare for your child or children.

Mission Statement:

ABC Childcare & Learning Center is committed to making your child care experience successful. We believe that no one knows more about your child than you. ABC Childcare & Learning Center request each family to visit the center and share information with your child's primary caregiver. An intake interview, between you and your child's caregiver, will give you the opportunity to share your child's uniqueness and your desires.

ABC Childcare & Learning Center recognizes the many challenges working families face. We encourage an atmosphere of open communication between you, your child's teacher, and the Center's Director. Parent information board update daily activities and keep you informed about upcoming events. We encourage your participation in center activities and welcome any and all suggestions and comments.