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This center is build on its director's 30 years experience in education and over 10 years experience of excellence in Early Childhood education. These different programs are separated for each development age groups.


Taking care of infants is incredibly demanding. Each infant has different needs and each need must be met. From constant monitoring of each child to proper feeding and the all-important clean diaper, every need is met and every action is recorded.

We also realize how anxious new parents can be when their infant attends a preschool. Our infant care specialists go to great lengths to make certain parents are informed daily about the high quality care their child receives. Our warm loving atmosphere gives these children a safe, secure feeling and helps them get through the physical separation from their parents during the day.

As these infants grow, it is vitally important their senses be stimulated in a wholesome way. ABC Childcare's infants are exposed to a bright and colorful environment during the first few months of life, which helps them develop sensory perception, crucial to the growth of every child.

At ABC CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER, we know how important development is in the first year of life. And offering a clean, safe place to grow, play and learn.


Teaching toddlers about their surroundings is an important part of the ABC CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTERS program. ABC CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER'S basic philosophy that children should be hugged first, then taught is evident at all age groups. This philosophy is a particularly important part of caring for and teaching two and three-year olds.

Toddlers are naturally curious and at our schools, children can explore their world in safe surroundings. We believe that it is never too early to teach children about the things around them.

Teachers find that introducing concepts and watching the development of two and three-year olds can be extremely rewarding. Showing them pictures, allowing them to touch, smell and create objects are just a few activities necessary for healthy development. In addition, teachers are encouraged to let these children hold and identify items, talk, walk, feed themselves, and accomplish potty training.

Treating each child as an individual is critical at this time in their lives and helps each one start developing his or her full creative potential. ABC CHILDCARE'S teachers are caring, gentle people with a genuine concern about each child's well-being.


At this age, children are beginning to prepare for school. As professionals, the teachers at ABC CHILDCARE & lEARNING CENTER provide a structured learning environment, so each child will have a strong foundation for their elementary school years.

The developing personality of each child is more evident as they grow and the teachers at our facilities take special care to watch the progress of each child and report that progress to parents. By focusing on the positive aspects of a child's behavior, teachers promote an atmosphere that allows each child to grow at his or her own pace, developing skills that will help them realize their highest potential.

Activities such as recognizing the alphabet, beginning to read, working with numbers, exploring arts and crafts, and refining hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills are used by ABC CHILDCARE teachers. Plus, four and five year-olds are introduced to computers - another tool our teachers use to help children learn at their own pace.

From the simple task of offering nourishing snacks to providing exciting ways to learn, our teachers show children that coming to a ABC CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER facility is a wonderful experience and most importantly, that learning can be fun. ABC CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER teachers provide each child with special activities designed to develop individual skills.